About Sri kishna Trust

Sri Krishna Educational and Social Trust

Sri Krishna Educational and Social Trust was started in 1991, with an objective of providing Technical education to students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.We have been stead fast in our objective and have seen more than 20,000 students pass out from our educational Institutions over 30 years of from our establishment.


Years of Service

Our Managing Trustee

Smt. P Sakila Chairman / Managing Trustee

Our chairman had been a diploma graduate from Electrical Engineering and has fostered her academic expendience from diploma education in running of our Educational Institutiosns. She has been steadfast in the objective of providing the technical education to the students from all diverse backgrounds. We had established our polytechnic College and ITI in 1996 and has seen more than 12,000 students park out with flying colours. Our Chairman's mission has been to expand our educational service all spheres this it not only achieves our Institutional objectives but also provides a social impact in the surrounding locality.